On September 19th, 2014 

67 Community Filmmakers

8 Film Editors


8 Musicians 

 Created 3 Incredible Short Films

The Capture 2014 Theme was Light & Shadow.

The Capture 2014 Theme was Light & Shadow.

AVA (The Association for Visual Arts) offers our deepest thanks to the Chattanooga community for all of the creative contributions from our community filmmakers, the editors, the musicians, and to our generous Capture 2014 supporters: Lyndhurst Foundation, Benwood Foundation, EPB Fiber Optics, Arts Build, National Endowment for the Arts and the Tennessee Arts Commission.

Watch The Capture 2014 Films

Here are the three amazing films edited for CAPTURE 2014. These films were shot by the community, scored and edited over a weekend in Chattanooga Tennessee. All footage was collected and delivered via EPB's fiber optic network.

Congratulations to Nine Line Productions & Stratton Tingle!

Film Editors Mathew Murr & Damien Roger of Nine Line Productions, along with Stratton Tingle who composed and performed the music for their film, won guest juror Denny Tedesco's choice for Capture 2014 Best In Show.

(left to right) Matthew Murr, Stratton Tingle, Damien Rogers

(left to right) Matthew Murr, Stratton Tingle, Damien Rogers

Congratulations to Congratulations to

Capture Team 3
Filmmakers - Jody Cox & Shea lord
Music - New Planet (Nick Hudson & Luke Simmons)

Peoples Choice Award 2014!

Capture 2014 Photo Gallery 

Thanks to Denny Tedesco for serving as our Capture 2014 Guest Juror and for Bringing His Documentary The Wrecking Crew to Chattanooga for a Special Screening. 

Filmmaker Denny Tedesco at the Capture 2014 Premiere event.

Filmmaker Denny Tedesco at the Capture 2014 Premiere event.

AVA thanks Denny Tedesco for juroring the three films for our 2014 Capture event. Tedesco is the creator and Director of the independent documentary The Wrecking Crew. His film chronicles the tremendous studio work of a group of musicians that are little known to people outside of the recording studios. From the 1950's through the 1960's, The Wrecking Crew recorded studio sessions with wide and distinguished list of chart-topping soloists and bands including Elvis, The Monkees, Dean Martin, Association, Sonny & Cher, The Mamas & The Papas, The Beach Boys and Glen Campbell, to name but a few. Denny Tedesco's personal commitment to the long process of creating this documentary is, in itself, a remarkable story. Denny's father, Tommy Tedesco, was the guitarist member of The Wrecking Crew. Denny draws upon his upbringing around this special group of musicians who may not be well known by name, but for anyone who's paid attention to the history of Rock N' Roll, the Wrecking Crew sound is unmistakeable. Denny's journey over the past 17 years of producing the film that tells this incredible story of music history is truly a labor of love and admiration.

The Wrecking Crew official website: 
The Wrecking Crew official trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xs2kJn6PBE

Capture 2014 Filmmakers: Matthew Murr, Jody Cox, Shea Lord, Trey Cook , Hayden Crihfield, Damien Rogers, Payton Hayden, Erin King.

Capture 2014 Musicians: New Planet, Stratton Tingle, Strung Like A Horse.



Capture 2013 Judges Choice - Best In Show


Capture 2013 People's Choice


CAPTURE 2013 "BEST SHOT" - by Luke Padgett